Monday, May 26, 2003

did some re-arranging on the last two posts, you can post to the past with this thing. and all the links were put in the right place.
Internet prices are getting steeper, now we pay 8 dollars for an hour. capitalisim! pah.
someone on al-Muajaha (before you start wondering, the "salam" who works for Muajaha is not me) was out in the streets a couple of days ago asking "where is saddam?". the best answer he got was from a 10 year old kid:
"Saddam is dead, he died five years ago."
well, that explains the mess.

here is the link to CIVIC, i should put it up in the links thingy on the left. Try to ignore the quote from senator Patrick Leahy right on top. it gets on mynerves but i still think what they are doing is important.